• Benefits of Using A Property Manager

  • 1) Better Qualified Tenants - through our thorough screening process we reduce the odds of having an undesirable tenant. We check their credit, criminal, employment history and rental history.

    2) No Midnight Phone Calls - We handle all maintenance requests and only bother you when there is a repair that is needed that costs over $300. In addition, because of our inspections of your property we will have a professional eye open to suggest repairs as needed to enhance your property value.

    3) Proper Leases and Legal Forms - We have our own lease which is solely designed to give you maximum protection with your property and tenant. In addition, we process all of the forms and paperwork to make sure your property is in compliance with the numerous Maryland Landlord/Tenant laws, and all federal regulatory requirements.

    4) It Saves Money To Have Your Property Professionally Managed - Avoiding legal pitfalls, securing higher qualified tenants quicker and proper economical maintenance of your home will save you time and money. Also, keep in mind that any management fees are tax deductible.