• What We Do

    1) Establish an Accurate Market Rental Value

    2) Assess property condition, recommend repairs to maximize rental value

    3) Careful Tenant Screening & Selection

    • Criminal and Sexual Predator background check
    • Employment verification
    • Credit Check

    4) Coordinate Tenant Move-Ins

    • Rent & security deposit collection
    • Extensive and detailed move-in inspection with copious photos

    5) Federal and Local Regulatory Compliance

    • Provide all disclosures dictated by law
    • Handle lead registration/inspections if needed 
    • Obtain any locally required rental licenses

    6) Repairs & Maintenance

    • We maintain a pool of experienced, qualified, price conscience contractors
    • We handle ALL repair calls - at all hours 

    7) Diligent Rent Collection

    • Fair but firm rent collection policy
    • All eviction procedures are handled by us, from start to finish

    8) Financial Accounting

    • Monthly income & expense statements
    • End of the year income and expense report
    • Furnish IRS Form 1099 at end of the year

    9) Property Inspections

    • Thorough move-in and move-out inspections
    • 6 month inspections